About Us

For years the only way for sisters, members of the Lord’s church to find speakers for our ladies events has been word of mouth.  A friend knows someone who was at another ladies day who heard someone.  It has been hard, especially for smaller congregations, to know where to look for speakers.  This blog hopes to change all of that!

A few years ago Teresa Kindred approached me (Tiffany Secula) with the idea of starting a database of ladies day speakers. I created and run the main site and Teresa does a wonderful job taking care of the Facebook page posts and updates. We started off small with the few ladies we knew here in Kentucky and with the help of women from around the country passing on this page we are slowly building a database of speakers for church of Christ women’s events.  Our dream is to see this page cover all fifty states and be a page where women can join in a search for women in their area or for their needs for topics.

If you would like to be added to this page please contact us.

May your work in the Lord’s kingdom be blessed!!  Please be patient with us as we constantly update the site with new speakers.  Please check back often for changes. Remember this is a completely voluntary site that we take care of and update in our free time. No money is charged to be included in this page and no money is earned off of this page.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and continue to share this page with others who are speakers or with churches looking for speakers!

Thank you for your time and we covet your prayers for not only this ministry but for the spreading of the Lord’s church all around the country and the world.

God Bless,

Tiffany Secula