Renate Braddy

Renate Braddy


Renate Braddy

Wytheville church of Christ
Wytheville, Virginia

My name is Renate Braddy. On 1 March, 1972 I was born in Wichita Falls Texas and, due  to being a Military Brat have been everywhere else. My Husband began full time work  as the minister with the Wytheville Church of Christ in SW Virginia as of September 2012  while he was still attending preaching school at the Tri-City SCOP in Eastern Tennessee.  On June 28th of this year we put our traveling shoes up and were able to labor with the  saints here without the two hour drive!
I have traveled extensively, I was a trainer in the USAF and worked as a coach in the  Small Business office for Sprint. I was asked to do a Ladies Class at the Gospel meeting at the Stoney Creek Church of Christ two years ago and did the Ladies Class for the Asheville Highway Church of Christ and have taught Music for the Path Homeschool group in Johnson City Tn. I love to teach, love to talk and love more than anything helping others deepen their relationship with Christ.


Cynthia Evans

Cynthia Evans

Sunset church of Christ
Lubbock, TX

I attend Sunset Church of Christ in Lubbock, TX. I am married to Johnny Evans. We have 3 children and 1 grandchild. I have written 2 books. The first one entitled “You and God The Parenting Partnership” ( The second one is entitled “The Ultimate Family Reunion” (
At this time my daughter and I are starting a new ministry called Titus 2 Project. ( We will be conducting seminars for older and younger women to learn how to communicate Biblically. My daughter will hold discussions for younger and I will conduct discussions with the older women. We are planning our first seminar in April 2014.

Teresa Bell Kindred

Teresa KindredTeresa Bell Kindred

Edmonton, KY

Beneath Teresa Bell Kindred’s senior photo in her high school annual is the caption “Most likely to never marry, settle down or have children.” Determined to prove her class mates wrong she got married in 1980 and by 1991 was the mother of five beautiful children (including a set of identical twin boys who arrived unexpectedly when she was 36 years old and almost finished her off). Deciding that Loretta Lynn was right, that when they start coming in pairs it’s time to quit, she and her husband threw all the bottles and diapers away and went into survival mode.

Teresa is the author of several books including The Knot at the End of Your Rope; Ten Ways to Hold on When You are Stressed Out and Mom: PhD-A Simple 6 Step course on Leadership for Moms. She was a major contributor to Humor for a Teacher’s Heart and Cup of Comfort Devotional: Daily Reminders of God’s Love and Grace. She also authored four Precious Moments books that were illustrated by Sam Butcher.

She has a M.A. in Secondary Education and has taught 7th graders, high school students and college classes and considers herself a child advocate and proponent of education reform for public schools. It is her personal opinion that public school teachers are overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated.

Teresa lives in Kentucky with her husband, Bill (aka Poppa) her twin sons who she can always tell apart (if she has her glasses on) and their seven dogs. She loves being a nana and anxiously awaits the day when she has at least as many grandchildren as she has dogs.

Please check out her special speaking topics here:

Sharon DiSantis

Sharon DiSantis

Price Road church of Christ
Brownsville, Texas

Sharon DiSantis is a member of the Price Road church of Christ in Brownsville Texas where her husband Keith serves as an elder.  I have taught classes of all ages, most recently ladies class at Price Road for several years.  I coordinate ladies activities at Price Road.  I spoke at a ladies day in Corpus Christi for the first time in 2013.  I loved that opportunity and hope to serve in this way in the future. I recently spoke at the Shenandoah church of Christ in San Antonio on “The Role of Wonen in Evangelism” – October 2014

Teresa Glenn

Teresa Glenn

Seven Hills church of Christ

Lynchburg, VA

My husband has preached for over 43 years, he started preaching 7 months before we were married. I have been teaching classes for all ages (not men of course) for almost 49 years. I have taught ladies classes in many states as we have moved about some ( NC, VA, TN, MO, AR, MS).

We have done mission work in India and El Salvador where I taught ladies classes and this summer we are going to Honduras and God willing I plan to teach there as well. I have spoken in Ladies Days in NC, VT and VA. Some of my subjects were; “Trees of Righteousness; Grow where you are Planted; Counting Your Blessings; & Turning to GOD.” My husband and I hold teacher’s trainings and evangelism seminars. We are currently working on writing some Bible class curriculum for all ages. We are also developing a church growth program called “Joshua Generation” which is used in several congregations already, although it is an on going work in progress (lol) We hold seminars for that, also to help others learn how to best use it for the most growth. We currently live and work in Lynchburg, VA with the Seven Hill church of Christ.

Cathy Messecar

Cathy Messecar

Conroe Church of Christ
Montgomery, Texas

I am a local, regional, and national speaker. I’m also the author of four books (two co-authored), and a newspaper columnist (over 600 columns). Sample speaking cd’s are available upon request.

Erynn Sprouse

Erynn Sprouse
Patrick Street church of Christ
Dublin, TX (central TX)

I enjoy speaking straight from Biblical passages (exegetical style). I also enjoy teaching on marriage and family.

I am blessed to have been married to Jeremy for 15 years. Jeremy preaches for the Patrick Street church of Christ here in Dublin, TX, smack in the middle of this great state. We have five boys, a little girl on the way and  I get to homeschool them. I am the editor, co-founder and general buck-stopper for Come Fill Your Cup (

Susan Elliott

Susan Elliott
Adams St church of Christ
Beeville, TX
YouTube Channel

Susan is a 1996 graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching Student Wives Program, and has an Associates Degree in General Studies from Northwest Arkansas Community College. Susan enjoys teaching ladies’ Bible classes, and classes for teenage girls. She operates Becoming Women of Virtue on Blogger, and her articles have appeared in Christian Woman Magazine (November/December 2011 Issue), and Virtuous (January/February 2012 Issue). Susan is an avid poet, and her poetry has been published in both Visions and Poesia, as well as online sites including Every Writer’s Resource and many more. Susan has three books of poetry on, and has been a guest lecuturer at the Northwest Arkansas Community College Spring Arts Festival, Bryan College in Rogers, Arkansas, and most recently in a high school assembly at the Calhoun County High School in Port Lavaca, TX. She lives in Roanoke, Virginia with her three teenage children and her husband, Larry.

phone number: 540 494 9520


The Coffee Group

The Coffee Group Abilene, TX

 Judy Allen     Tammy Marcelain     Denise Waldrop     Donna Ware

Laughter, Tears and Inspiration… are all standard fare when the coffee group gathers. Meet four women whose bond is the love of the Lord, but whose stories are as individual and unique as their order at Starbucks. Pour a cup, pull up a chair and listen in as each woman tells her own story. Gather with the group for some discussion about life as a daughter of the King of Kings.

Coffee Group started in 2004 from one woman’s desire to build deeper friendships in her life. Before long, we were having too much fun to keep it to ourselves. Judy, our member who keeps us reaching for the stars, admonished us, “Girls, we are not meeting our full potential. We need to take this show on the road.” So we did.

The Coffee Group was born. Now we travel to speak to ladies events, encouraging women everywhere to find the God-story of their life, and to be sure they have some godly girlfriends to share it with.The Coffee Group’s delivery will remind you of the television show “The View” if it happened to be hosted by a fun-loving group of Christian sisters. We sit at a table and chat with our audience and each other and take turns telling our God-story throughout your event. Each of the ladies of your group will make a connection to someone in The Coffee Group as we tell how we have struggled to stay on The Path, and God’s faithfulness through it all.

To inquire about securing The Coffee Group for a Women’s Retreat or Ladies Day please email Subject: The Coffee Group  and you can see more about them at   The ladies can each be contacted individually as well thought the Contact Us page on their website!