Judi Davis Dean

Judi Davis Dean

 Killen Church of Christ
Killen, Alabama

Contact info:
Home Phone # 256-366-8428
Email:  justan79@bellsouth.net
Address:124 Deer Creek Drive Killen, Alabama  35645

Judi was raised on a farm in North Carolina with 2 sisters.  She attended Freed-Hardeman University where she received her AA degree in Business and met her husband, Stan.  Stan is the minister for the Killen Church of Christ in Killen, Alabama where they have been for 14 years.   They are about to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary! Judi enjoyed teaching 3-year olds at Mars Hill Pre-School for many years.

Judi and Stan have three children and five grandchildren. She is now a homemaker again as she was while the children were small.  She has spoken at Ladies’ Days, retreats, seminars, and lectureships in Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Alabama. You may know her sister, Cynthia Guy, who is the author of What about the Women.  Judi and Cynthia have a book in the making that should go to press early this year entitled, Sweet Truths, comparing life to a box of chocolates!

Judi currently teaches 5th grade Bible class on Sunday mornings at Killen where she incorporates her own curriculum (approved by the elders).  It is a deep scriptural study with lots of fun.  It takes the kids from the authority of the scriptures all the way through the steps of salvation.  She is also involved in weekly Ladies Service Group, the Visitation program and the annual Ladies Day planning at Killen.

Her best qualifications for speaking are that she is a Christian, she is a woman, and she loves to talk!
She has favorite topics that include:  Building your house of Joy, Winning the Worry War, Pep Rally for Ladies, Life is like a box of chocolates and God’s Portrait of a Mother. Although she has favorite topics, she is willing to speak on any given subject because each Ladies’ Day, retreat, or lectureship is unique and each group may have specific needs.

For References you can contact some of the congregations where she has spoken: Medina Church of Christ, Medina, Ohio Bethel Church of Christ, Athens, Alabama Beltline Church of Christ, Decatur, Alabama Shiloh Church of Christ, Killen, Alabama


One thought on “Judi Davis Dean

  1. Judy recently spoke for us at a ladies retreat weekend. She did a fabulous job!!
    Judy’s message was scriptural, enlightening and engaging. She is an excellent speaker and I recommend her to anyone looking for a ladies speaker. (Judi is also an author and has several good books out as well).

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