Lori Waugh

Lori Waugh
Tipton church of Christ
Tipton, OK
Lori Waugh has been married to her husband, Joe, for 27 years.  She  is a stay-at-home mother of four: Lauren, 20, a student at Oklahoma Christian; Zachary, 19, also a student at OC; Jacob, 17; and Tyler,  12.  Joe is the Executive Assistant Director of Tipton Children’s Home, a church-sponsored  home for children.  Joe also preaches when asked and  gives updates at supporting congregations about Tipton Children’s Home.

Lori’s  passion is in teaching ladies, whether in her Wednesday night ladies’ Bible  class, speaking at Ladies’ Days and Ladies Night Out events, and also presenting  lessons for Ladies’ retreats and Bible workshops.  Her daughter also speaks with her at ladies’ events.

She also enjoys teaching children at VBS, decorating for school and church events,  cooking, and having people in her home. She’s served as the elementary school  PTO president for 17 years and as 4-H leader for nine years.

Lori  writes a devotional/family blog called, “Shine Like Stars” (www.weewaughs.blogspot.com) and also a recipe/craft blog  called, “Life’s a Bowl of Cherries” (www.3cherrycokes.blogspot).

Lori and her husband began a Facebook page called “Parents After God’s Own Heart” in May, 2013. Its purpose is to encourage parents to parent intentionally, as well as to raise up their children up in the Lord according to His Word.

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