Teresa Glenn

Teresa Glenn

Seven Hills church of Christ

Lynchburg, VA


My husband has preached for over 43 years, he started preaching 7 months before we were married. I have been teaching classes for all ages (not men of course) for almost 49 years. I have taught ladies classes in many states as we have moved about some ( NC, VA, TN, MO, AR, MS).

We have done mission work in India and El Salvador where I taught ladies classes and this summer we are going to Honduras and God willing I plan to teach there as well. I have spoken in Ladies Days in NC, VT and VA. Some of my subjects were; “Trees of Righteousness; Grow where you are Planted; Counting Your Blessings; & Turning to GOD.” My husband and I hold teacher’s trainings and evangelism seminars. We are currently working on writing some Bible class curriculum for all ages. We are also developing a church growth program called “Joshua Generation” which is used in several congregations already, although it is an on going work in progress (lol) We hold seminars for that, also to help others learn how to best use it for the most growth. We currently live and work in Lynchburg, VA with the Seven Hill church of Christ.


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