The Coffee Group

The Coffee Group Abilene, TX

 Judy Allen     Tammy Marcelain     Denise Waldrop     Donna Ware

Laughter, Tears and Inspiration… are all standard fare when the coffee group gathers. Meet four women whose bond is the love of the Lord, but whose stories are as individual and unique as their order at Starbucks. Pour a cup, pull up a chair and listen in as each woman tells her own story. Gather with the group for some discussion about life as a daughter of the King of Kings.

Coffee Group started in 2004 from one woman’s desire to build deeper friendships in her life. Before long, we were having too much fun to keep it to ourselves. Judy, our member who keeps us reaching for the stars, admonished us, “Girls, we are not meeting our full potential. We need to take this show on the road.” So we did.

The Coffee Group was born. Now we travel to speak to ladies events, encouraging women everywhere to find the God-story of their life, and to be sure they have some godly girlfriends to share it with.The Coffee Group’s delivery will remind you of the television show “The View” if it happened to be hosted by a fun-loving group of Christian sisters. We sit at a table and chat with our audience and each other and take turns telling our God-story throughout your event. Each of the ladies of your group will make a connection to someone in The Coffee Group as we tell how we have struggled to stay on The Path, and God’s faithfulness through it all.

To inquire about securing The Coffee Group for a Women’s Retreat or Ladies Day please email Subject: The Coffee Group  and you can see more about them at   The ladies can each be contacted individually as well thought the Contact Us page on their website!


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