Renate Braddy

Renate Braddy


Renate Braddy

Wytheville church of Christ
Wytheville, Virginia

My name is Renate Braddy. On 1 March, 1972 I was born in Wichita Falls Texas and, due  to being a Military Brat have been everywhere else. My Husband began full time work  as the minister with the Wytheville Church of Christ in SW Virginia as of September 2012  while he was still attending preaching school at the Tri-City SCOP in Eastern Tennessee.  On June 28th of this year we put our traveling shoes up and were able to labor with the  saints here without the two hour drive!
I have traveled extensively, I was a trainer in the USAF and worked as a coach in the  Small Business office for Sprint. I was asked to do a Ladies Class at the Gospel meeting at the Stoney Creek Church of Christ two years ago and did the Ladies Class for the Asheville Highway Church of Christ and have taught Music for the Path Homeschool group in Johnson City Tn. I love to teach, love to talk and love more than anything helping others deepen their relationship with Christ.


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