Emily Jacobs

Emily Jacobs

Eagleville church of Christ
Eagleville, MO

Phone: 816-590-8954
Email: cejacobs81@yahoo.com
Website: http://None

Emily was raised in a Christian home by Mark and Barb Patton of Harrisonville, Mo.  She has lived in Missouri most of her life.  Emily married Caleb Jacobs in the Spring of 2005.  In 2009, they began attending the Memphis School of Preaching and graduated in June of 2011.  They have two sons:  Lance, age 5,  Eli, age 2.

Emily has participated in mission trips to Mexico.  She served the Lord by helping to canvass neighborhoods, build church buildings and teaching children’s classes.  Emily is a Medical assistant, CPR instructor & a breast-feeding peer counselor, she has also gone to Nicaragua on a medical mission trip.  Emily also enjoys teaching Bible classes, speaking at ladies days and working at Bible camps here at home.

Emily and Caleb now live in Eagleville, Mo. where they are currently working with the Eagleville church of Christ.


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