Dr. Wyveta Kirk,


Dr. Wyveta KirkNorthside church of Christ
Benton AR

Email: wyvetakirk@ymail.com
Phone: 501-847-3222

Website: http://wyvetakirk.com

Dr. Wyveta Kirk is a psychologist who specialized in helping individuals live fuller lives and couples make closer connections.  She is author of Women Talk Men Walk a marriage book designed to show how to love our spouses more;  Little Rock Secret a short novella fiction that is a mystery and love story; Up It’s the Only Way to Go, a communication book that helps to live by Jesus’ command to let our yes be yes and no a no.  Dr. Kirk is retired from teaching for three universities and doing private counseling.  She now works full time for the Lord doing seminars (per passion) and writing for various magazines.  Dr. Kirk lives with her husband and worships as Northside church of Christ in Benton AR, about 10 miles south of Little Rock.  You will laugh, you may cry, and you will leave her programs knowing the day was sell spent learning about the Lord.

Dr. Wyveta Kirk 2


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