Deanna Brooks

Deanna BrooksDeanna Brooks

College church of Christ
Searcy, Arkansas
I graduated from Harding College with a degree in Bible (class of 1966) and have been married 43 years…my husband preached during the early years of our marriage, then began teaching school.  We’ve raised two sons who are faithful Christians and have six grandchildren.  Through the years I have taught pre-teen and teenage girls and ladies’ classes and have helped plan and spoken at workshops.  I have learned that life doesn’t always turn out as you plan when you are twenty, but God is there through the twists and turns we don’t expect, that He gave us the church and each other to help us on our journey to Heaven, and that Christian sisters can be a wonderful support network when Satan attacks us or our loved ones.


2 thoughts on “Deanna Brooks

  1. My son and daughter-in-law live in Searcy. My daughter-in-law goes to Harding. I think they go to that church. Not positive though. Joey & Cyndi Godin. She’s going to have a baby any day. Do you know them? We live in Maine. We have a ladies day every year in Mar h. This year our speaker is Celine Sparks. Do you speak at ladies days? If so, would you be interested for March 2016?

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