Sommer Burnett-Thornton

Sommer Burnett-ThorntonChristian Summer Burnett

North Hillcrest Church of Christ
Tupelo, MS
Phone:  662-364-2701

Christian Sommer Burnett- Thornton lives in Tupelo, MS & attends the North Hillcrest Church of Christ in Aberdeen, MS where her father is the minister. Sommer is a humorous, tell-it-like-it-is speaker that is sure to enlighten the audience & brighten any room she enters with her bubbly personality & contagious smile. While attending Freed Hardeman University Sommer received the Personal Evangelism Award from the bible department faculty for her constant efforts at saving the lost & keeping the saved saved. Sommer wed her husband, Alexander Thornton (a graduate of Freed Hardeman who holds a bachelors in Bible from the university)  in July of 2014 and together they have become traveling missionaries across the south working together to bring others to Christ through door knocking & social media outreach. They are a modern day Priscilla & Aquila couple.  They have gone as far as Lubbock, TX & traveled widely throughout MS, AL, TN, AR and everywhere in between.  Sommer is a great speaker that is very knowledgable in the scriptures & life and can speak on any topic with various moods of speaking. She can bring you to tears through laughter or by her love of the gospel & the conviction you’ll hear in her voice. A dedicated servant of The Lord now for many years she is willing to travel any distance to speak in order to edify the sisterhood of the Lord’s church.


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