Renée Aleshire Brown

Renée Aleshire Brown

Oak Grove church of Christ
Kansas City, Missouri

I’m a member of the Lord’s church for 32 years now. I’ve been married for 24 years and am mom to one 12 y.o. boy. I live in the Kansas City area and worship with the Oak Grove congregation.
I’m available to speak at ladies days, ladies retreats, homeschooling camps, or homeschooling how-to events.
I learned from my dad, mom and grandma that serving the Lord is my privilege and heaven is my goal. It’s that mindset that I try to walk through this life with.
I attended Ohio Valley College in Parkersburg, West Virginia and it is there that I met my Beloved husband, Michael, who also is seeking to faithfully follow the Lord and lead his family toward heaven.
I’ve been teaching children’s Bible classes for over 20 years I, along with my dear sister in the Lord, Karen Craun Perkins teach the Bible Class Resource class at Polishing the Pulpit each summer. We have recently begun to offer a shorter seminar workshop for ladies days at congregations.
While I’m comfortable researching, writing and speaking on any scriptural topic I’m passionate about encouraging women in the biblical roles of wife and motherhood and teachers of good things. I’ve taught ladies classes on being teachers, prayer, Mary of Magdala, Mary and Martha, and even on the book of Revelation. I enjoy studying through the kings and prophets, OT foreshadowing of Christ and especially love a digging deep and my ongoing personal study of the genealogies found in scripture.
I write regularly on my blog, Great Peace Academy about my family life, homeschooling life and marriage. I am also a teammate for R16:16, an online directory listing blogs and websites belonging to members of the churches of Christ. I have also on occasion written for the Come Fill Your Cup blog.



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