Monica Mynk

Monica Mynk

Monica Mynk

Fairfax church of Christ
Winchester, KY

Monica Mynk is the author of two Christian fiction series: Cavernous (young adult) and Goddess to Daughter (adult romantic suspense). The first two novels in each series are available on Amazon, and there are plenty more to come. In addition to Christian fiction, she writes devotionals and Bible class material for ladies and teen girls.

She has been a baptized believer since age 13, and has longtime served as a Bible class teacher, Bible camp counselor,  and mentor for young Christian girls. She’s also spent time working alongside her husband in a college ministry, managing the women’s devotionals and praise. Currently, she’s focused her service on writing fiction with a strong Biblical base, taking a stand against our sound-byte faith and meme-driven religion.

Her adult novels contain stories of redemption, for women who’ve fallen far into sin and find it hard to dig their way out. She longs to reach out to women everywhere and challenge them to deeper faith.

Her debut women’s Bible class book, Ungodly Clutter, also released in 2016. It explores the idea that while it’s not necessarily a sin to have a messy house, there are some things cluttering our homes that would be displeasing to God. The room-to-room analysis covers everything from sinware on computers and idols in garages.

In addition to her service-related expertise, Monica has ample experience leading seminars and trainings in an educational arena, and many learning strategies through her fifteen-year career as a high school science and math teacher. She can lead seminar-style, Power Point, or lecture-style presentations on a custom topic, or any of the following:
What’s Your Calling?
Ungodly Clutter
The Virtuous Modern Young Woman
Blending Faith and Fiction
Being Less

Topics can be modified to meet any requested span of time.
Phone: 859-358-0387


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