Johnnie Coley

Johnnie ColeyJohnnie Coley

Orange Avenue Church of Christ
Eustis, FL

Johnnie Coley, MS is a devoted Christian who grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida. She believes that her years spent in Christ are the best years of life. She maintains passion about this great God she has come to know and she refers to God as the love of her life. Johnnie loves to share God’s Word with others and she is eager to help bring about encouragement, focus and maturity as we all walk with the Lord.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida A&M University and a master’s degree in Human Services Management from Nova University. Johnnie is the author of three books entitled “New Birth in Christ”, “The Truth about You: The Resurrection of the Sinful Nature”, and “Parenting with Power”. She also co-authored a children’s book entitled “Yes Dear, There Really is a Devil”.

Johnnie has also recorded a CD featuring music she has written to encourage others and be used as a vehicle to encourage and share the goodness of God. Her music has also been used very effectively in conjunction with the Christian Parenting Workshop that she created. She has conducted this workshop at several children’s homes around the country. She has also spoken at the National Christian Child and Family Services Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando.

As a Social Worker at the Mound Dora Children’s Home, Johnnie works with the children in the home program as well as directing the single parent program. She also teaches the Ladies Bible Study Class at Orange Avenue Church of Christ and has spoken at ladies’ days, ladies’ retreats, and singles’ retreats. Her greatest ambition in life is to reach her appointed and purchased place of inheritance, in Heaven and to be forever with God who loves her the most.

Phone: 3866797039



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