Cindy Dixon

Cindy Dixon

Northport church of Christ
Northport, Alabama

My name is Cindy Dixon, and I am the mother of two married adult children who are both active in the Lord’s church. My husband of 35 years and I are the proud grandparents of two boys. My husband is one of five elders at the Northport church of Christ in Northport, Alabama. I enjoy teaching bible classes for babies and toddlers; however, I have taught all grade levels including the teenage girls’ classes. I also have been on three mission trips.

I have earned a Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership, a Master’s Degree in Secondary Language Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary English and history. I have completed 18 hours past the earned doctorate to add the Class A endorsement in Education Administration. I have 22 years of teaching experience and 3.5 years of serving as a consultant for an educational software company where I worked in 11 states.

I am passionate about education, and I aspire to open a Christian Home School Network in my area when I retire. My vision for the school is to create a blended learning environment where parents are part of the learning process and where students meet with certified teachers or other professionals to help them with difficult material on a weekly basis. Service learning will be part of the concept.

Engaging Bible students: I believe that Bible classes should have the rigor that helps participants grow in God’s word. Youth are accustomed to strategic teaching in most public schools. Strategic teaching incorporates many ways to engage the learner so that he or she absorbs and retains new information with the ultimate goal of learners utilizing what they learn. Students learn to analyze, evaluate, and create with the new content. I believe that Bible class teachers should aim for the same high level of thinking skills when it comes to teaching God’s word: The most important information they will ever learn.

Please email me if there is a topic you wish to discuss. I am willing to travel even to remote locations and that I like to talk about missions local and abroad.


Phone: 205-792-4933


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