Jennifer Pool

Jennifer Pooljennifer-pool-2

Prestoncrest Church of Christ
Dallas, TX

I am excited to be writing my own bio- what a fun task! I am wife to Matt, and the blessed mother of three. Togther, our familiy are members at the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas. Over the years, I have had opportunity to serve amoung my church family in many capacities, from teaching and coordinating children and youth classes, to ministry teams, VBS, and adult class teaching. I have been involved with our WOW ministry, (Women of Worship) for several years, and have had opportunity to teach in that capacity as well. Those are all great discriptions of things that I do- I fill my time well.  I am in that phase of life where between church, school, and other life duties, I find that time is my most precious commodity!

But, these descriptions tell you little,  because what I am is not how I identify in this world, but who I am, the beloved daughter of the one true king, is where my blesssed assurance lies. I know you all feel the same, which is why I love speaking and teaching in a room full of women! I would to talk to you any time regarding your events and how I can help serve your needs.

Jennifer Pool



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