Julie Carter

Julie Carterjulie-carter

2nd and Adams church of Christ
Elk City, OK

Julie Carter was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and grew up in Mcloud, Oklahoma as well as Rush Springs, Oklahoma. Her parents and many of her extended family are active members of the Lord’s body. Julie was immersed into Jesus in 2005 and strives daily to please the Lord. Julie was homeschooled by her parents, and graduated from high school in 2011. She is currently enrolled with the Tripp Bible Insitute. Julie married Gantt Carter of New Cordell, Oklahoma in April of 2013. She and Gantt have two children: Rose Renee (born in July of 2014) and Jedidiah Johnson (born in June of 2016). They reside in Elk City, Oklahoma, and Gantt is the preaching servant at the 2nd & Adams congregation in Elk City. Julie is a very supportive and loving wife and mother. She eagerly strives to truly be a daughter of Sarah. Julie enjoys family events, riding horses, watching movies, hiking, and playing games. She is currently an intermediate Tai Chi practitioner. Julie delights in God and in studying His Word. She is a daily Bible student, and enjoys teaching Bible classes of all age groups. She would be honored to be granted the opportunity to speak on a Ladies Day or to engage in other speaking opportunities. Her greatest desire is to glorify God with her life, and to encourage others to do the same.
Phone: 580-660-6347
Email: helpmeettomyhusband@gmail.com
Website: https://thejourneyofapreacherswife.wordpress.com/


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