Jessica D. Lovett

Jessica D. Lovett

Belton Church of Christ
Salado, Texas

Jessica D. Lovett is an author, public speaker, and avid reader, who has long been passionate about spreading the Good News to others. She is also a musician who plays the guitar, piano, and flute. She holds a master’s degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Tiffin University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, minor area in Communication, from Howard Payne University. Jessica writes movie reviews from a Christian perspective for the site Christian Answers, which gets 1 million or more visits a month. Currently, Jessica and her husband are building a fledgling homestead with their two young children, which hosts a gigantic white dog, a growing flock of Easter Egg chickens, a Bearded Dragon, and a chicken-herding cat. Her parents are from Smithville where father serves as the preacher of the Smithville Church of Christ in Smithville, Texas and she and her family are active members of the Belton Church of Christ in Belton, Texas. Jessica would love to be a part of your event and is prepared to speak on your topic of choice, apologetics topics, the nature of creativity, authorship and writing, contrasting world religions, household time management, or practical homeschooling.


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