Marilyn Deet

Marilyn Deet

Brookville Church of Christ
Big Run, PA 15715

My life as a Christian began after marrying my Navy husband, Robert Deet, in October of 1964. We moved to Newport, Rhode Island. We were reading the Bible every day and had a lot of questions that were not being answered to our satisfaction by the minister of the Christian Missionary Alliance Church where we had been attending since our early teen years. So when we got settled in Newport we started attending every denomination we could find until we found one that actually preached the truth – the CHURCH OF CHRIST. My husband and I were baptized in 1965 after studying with Gene Armstrong, the evangelist there.

We moved to Pennsylvania about January 1976 and our third child was born in October of that year. We had looked in the yellow pages for a church to attend here in Pennsylvania but could not find one so we did our best to worship at home. Later we learned that the Church of Christ in Dubois, and the Church in Brookville were listed in the WHITE pages. Anyway, while in the hospital maternity ward we met John and Dolores King who were also expecting their third child. We learned about the Brookville Church from them and began attending there.

My teaching experience began with the 2-4 year old class. And later I taught grade 4,5 and 6. I love teaching. As time progressed and our own kids all left the nest we decided to pursue a life time dream and try to work with troubled kids. We found the Church has many facilities for “house parents”. We could work with kids and get paid to do it so we quit our jobs and moved to Tennessee in April 1997. We worked in the south over a period of about 2 1/2 years. We decided that it was time to return home so we moved back in July 1999.

I have since retired from my job at the Punsxutawney Area Hospital and am attending Brookville Church of Christ along with my husband of 52 years. I am pleased to have the opportunity to teach ladies. I have done two lessons for our home congregation so far. I love the word and love sharing what I learn with my sisters in Christ.

Phone: 814-427-2149


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