Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper

Lancaster Church of Christ
Lancaster, Ohio

Hello! My name is Jennifer Cooper. I own a Cooking School in Lancaster, Oh. Our mission is to get families back to the supper table as a unit! Part of my business is community outreach and ladies fellowship classes. We opened our doors July 11, 2017. Our first community outreach seminar is August 23rd, 2017. I am planning our first Women’s Fellowship Class soon. God gave me a talent to cook and a talent to talk. We each came to Christ in our own way and it’s so important for us to share our stories of how an imperfect, sinful person, came to know and love Jesus and be saved. Many women, who are not Christian, feel they are too sinful for God to even give them a second chance. While others feel that we Christians are “perfect and judgemental.” Neither, as we all know, is the case – we just want their souls to live on for eternity. I came to Christ after a lifelong battle with sin. Everyday sin that many justify as being ok, or socially acceptable. Those sins are not ok and we are called to be different. Our Ladies Fellowship Classes will feature a fun and memorable experience. Ladies will get to cook together, Fellowship, and eat together. They will also hear my story – How God found His lost sheep in this ugly world.


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