Travena Rogan

Travena Rogan

Mt. Juliet C of C in Mt. Juliet, TN
Hendersonville, TN

Perfect is not what I seek to be, but follower of Jesus is where my footsteps will be! I absolutely LOVE writing, speaking, mentoring, teaching, & creating thought provoking plays to cause others to think and consider their footsteps. The more I study, meditate, & write the more I grow spiritually. I love learning and seeking knowledge. As I speak to women & girls I take their hands leading each of them along a journey, reiterating the words of Jesus and sharing my own personal struggles.

My journey began with God, my book, and a bunch of women & girls wanting to grow! I have been blessed to speak throughout the United States for women & girls events. My first book “Traveling Toward Transformation” was published by 21st Century Christian in Nashville, TN I was recently featured in the July ’17 issue of Christian Chronicle & my book was featured in Christian Woman Magazine as a book to read.

I am also the Originator & Chair of the Tennessee Girls Symposium Series, which seeks to strengthen personal relationships between God & girls; while promoting spiritual growth. I love connecting and getting to know people! My utmost prayer, plan, & purpose is to create an environment of camaraderie, connectivity, and humility with my audience; while revealing the practicality of the Bible and guiding females toward its usage. Should women come to an event with their glasses half full, or their cups completely empty, with God’s help, I take responsibility in filling their cups to capacity. I look forward to being the speaker for your Ladies event! May God bless & keep you❤
Phone: 615 540 6204


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