Emily Lambert

Emily Lambert

Cross Point Church of Christ
Florence, AL

I am a native of Florence, Alabama and a graduate of Mars Hill Bible School. I received a degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University. I have taught in Russell County, AL; Noxubee County, MS; and Lauderdale County, AL. I have been married to my husband since 1991 and have 3 children. 2 are in college, and the youngest is in junior high school. I attend Cross Point Church of Christ and am on the Ladies Ministry Team. I have taught ladies classes and spoken at several of our church events. Most recently I organized a Ladies Retreat for our congregation. My 4 sisters and my mother helped lead the retreat with lessons, worship, skits, and a panel discussion. The theme of the retreat was “Road Trip”. We shared about letting God direct our path as we choose our directions, pack for the journey, and deal with bumps in the road.

I have self-published a book of devotionals for teachers called My Cup Runneth Over. I also email weekly devotionals to the ladies of our Young Married Class in a series called “From the Heart of a Mom.”

Equipping women to fulfill their ministry is dear to my heart.
“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Mission work is also important to me. I have traveled to the island of Antigua every year for the past 7 years to work with the Villa Church of Christ there. We put on a soccer camp and Vacation Bible School. We also hold a nightly meeting and invite the children of the community there.

I am interested in sharing messages God has placed on my heart.

Phone: 256 -710- 6302

Email: eclambert20 (at) gmail.com


Sandra Y Craft

Sandra Y Craft

Springbrook Church of Christ
Seattle, WA

Sandra Y. Craft is a public speaker, both in the church and in the secular world. She was baptized into the body of Christ in 1997 and currently serves faithfully at the Springbrook Church of Christ congregation in Renton, WA. Prior to worshipping at Springbrook, Sandra and her husband, Owen, served at the Holgate congregation for 18 years where Sandra worked with the Youth Ministry as a Wednesday night Youth bible study teacher. She was also one of the Women’s Ministry Coordinators for approximately 12 years. Sandra has spoken at several Ladies’ Day program in the Seattle area, as well as a speaking on a national Ladies’ Prayer Line.

Her next great passion is genealogy, and Sandra has presented several genealogy workshops both in the Seattle/Bellevue area and also in Sacramento, CA. Sandra is married for 8 years to Owen Craft, a Song Leader and A/V Coordinator in the Lord’s Church. Her adult son, Tru Hilton, is a graduate of both Southwestern Christian College (B.A. in Religious Studies), and Lipscomb University (Master’s of Arts/Christian Practice and Theological Instruction).

Sandra is a firm believer that we should use EVERY talent God has blessed us with to glorify Him and to bring others to Christ. She is dedicated to using all of her talents for that purpose, along with edifying the Saints. With that, Sandra is the founder and Director of the True Vine Singers, a multi-congregation, gospel a cappella singing group that evangelizes through music at homeless shelters, nursing homes and community events around the Seattle area.

Professionally, Sandra has been employed for 21 years at a downtown Seattle law firm as an Technical Trainer & e-Learning Developer. She loves to travel and is blessed to be able to travel in her job, giving her the opportunity to visit churches of Christ across the United States and providing an opportunity to fellowship with Saints at different congregations across this nation. Sandra loves meeting new people, and is dedicated to unifying not just women, but people in general in the body of Christ across congregations.

Most recently, Sandra wrote an a cappella, gospel musical entitled “Skeletons in the Closet”. The play is an evangelistic effort and food drive to benefit Northwest Harvest food bank, and made its debut November 5, 2016 at a theater in Renton, WA. In addition, Sandra also enjoys singing, writing music, poems and novels.

Phone: 206-551-7883

Email: crafty_won@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.sonrisenministries.com

Rosalind Greene Price

Rosalind Greene Price

Cross Creek COC
Fayetteville NC


I am a mother, a Preachers wife, a Teacher, a Professional and most importantly God’s Child.
I was raise mostly by a single mother in Va. and had so many stumbles that I had to finally stop and look at the common element (ME). Not until I finally gave up the control (I thought I had) …… that healing finally began. My journey is not completed but I am on a continuous path to healing.
My life experiences can help lead ladies to Christ and help navigate through life. My desire is to reach ladies throughout by teaching and speaking: co-dependence, drug addiction. abuse, self esteem and BAD choices and finally healing. My motto is: “Until you can love yourself you can’t heal.” Loving God is Loving yourself.
In Him,

Phone: 7572359109

Email: inhim_forever (@) yahoo.com

Website: inhim-forever.com

Amy Albers

Amy Albers

Graeber Road church of Christ
Rosenberg, Texas

It’s tough to know what to include in a bio like this. I know, I know, I could tell you all about my past–how I grew up as a preacher’s daughter, was baptized into the Lord’s church in 1980, graduated from Oklahoma Christian University, married my husband 26 years ago and have worked alongside him in his ministry, and so on. I could share all my previous experiences of speaking at ladies’ days and retreats, teaching girls’ classes at youth rallies and camps, and teaching and coordinating Bible classes at our congregation. I can tell you about the monthly women’s Bible study I coordinate and the one-on-one Bible studies I’ve done, and of the years we spent working as missionaries in The Netherlands. And I could go on and on about my four precious kiddos, and the gazillion lessons I’ve learned just from being their mom. But in the end, I think there are really only two main things you need to know about me: First, I love the Lord and His Word, and believe that Word is PERFECT and that it is what will judge us in the last day (John 12:48). Second, I’m one of that rare bunch that actually ENJOYS speaking and teaching! I love how much *I* learn during the many hours I spend preparing to teach a group of women and girls from God’s word. I am happy to speak on a Bible book or topic of your choice or of mine, or to do lessons on evangelism, Christian parenting, homeschooling, or marriage. I look forward to the possibility of us learning together!
Phone: 281-633-1533
Email: amybalbers@sbcglobal.net