Tabitha Neidlinger

Tabitha Peeler Neidlinger

Green Mount Road Church of Christ
Belleville, IL


Raised as a Church of Christ preacher’s daughter all of my life, I had the right tools and knowledge needed to find a God fearing man to marry and live a successful and fulfilling life for the Lord. Sadly, I didn’t follow my good upbringing and made some terrible mistakes.

After nearly 12 years together, 9 of them in marriage, I left a toxic and abusive relationship with the father of my two little girls. I thankfully discovered he also had affairs so I am truly free to remarry IF that bridge is on my path again. I have faced many struggles physically, emotionally and spiritually since the split. I have come across so many varied reactions from members of the Church to my current marital status. All of them have been very well meaning and believed to be Biblically sound advice or feedback. It made me question just what exactly did God have to say about my situation. How could all of these good Christian folks have such opposite views based out of the Bible? They can’t all be right.

I joined a Divorce Care group at the Fairview Heights congregation and really started to study the Word. Ever since that time, I have longed to share and help other ladies like myself. There are so many women in our congregations who are hiding the pain of abuse in their relationships be it with a husband, child or parent. They are scared especially of the stigma divorce seems to carry these days as rates are on the rise and any little infraction qualifies as legitimate grounds in the world we live in today.

I currently am a member at the Green Mount Road Church of Christ where my father, Shelton Peeler, has preached the last 10 years. I can provide references upon request. I am also a very cheerful traveler and open to heading where ever I am called! Please feel free to take a look at my blog to get a better feel for my heart and speaking style. Although, I have never had the honor of being the keynote speaker, I have lead prayers and participated in many ladies day events since I was a young girl. I have taught many children’s and ladies Bible classes. I have conducted training to large groups as part of my worldly career. I have performed musically since I was in 4th grade.
The links below are the two posts that really begin my journey into this new line of service for Him. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would be honored to help in any way I can.

Phone: 618 578 0870


Email: mylivingproverbs31 (at)



Susan Bucich

Susan Bucich

Oscoda church of Christ
Oscoda, MI

My name is Susan Bucich and I am the Preachers wife here in Oscoda, MI. I am a graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) Ladies Program class of 2004. I would be very interested in being added to you list. I am willing to travel outside of my immediate area if needed.

I grew up in the church in Juneau, Alaska. My Grandfather and my father were both Elders in the church. My husband has been a preacher since graduating from SIBI in 2004. We lived in Hillsdale, MI from 2004 till we moved to Oscoda. We moved to Oscoda, Michigan in May of 2013 to start working with the saints here. In November of 2013 our oldest son who was a Marine lost his battle with PTSD after returning from Afghanistan. Our middle son is in the Army and is currently stationed in Japan. Our youngest son is a Junior in High school and just signed up for the Army National Guard.
I have done numerous ladies day talks on Women’s roles- specifically Titus 2 women, Friendships, the Book of James and Philippians and many other topics. 2016 I spoke here in Oscoda at our Ladies day On “Let the Lower Light be Burning” How we are the lights that help guide others to Christ. My life has not been the easiest life but I know that God is using my ups and my down to help other women.

I am will to travel anywhere in the US and Canada. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

Email: s.bucich1969(at)

Phone: 989. 569. 6288 (evenings)