Courtney Vines

Courtney Owen Vines

Fraley’s Chapel church of Christ
Corinth, MS

Courtney Owen Vines is from Corinth, MS. She grew up in Corinth & graduated high school in 1994. She attended Freed-Hardeman her freshmen year of college, then transferred & finished her degree at MS State University, earning her bachelor’s in Curriculum & Instruction. She later received a masters degree from Ole Miss in 2005, & then her National board certification as an early childhood generalist in 2008. This is her 20th year to teach.

Courtney’s parents moved to Tupelo when she was in college. She met John in 2000, they got married in 2003 & have stayed in the Tupelo/Saltillo, MS area since then until John recently accepted the preaching position at Fraley’s Chapel church of Christ. This is the same congregation where Courtney grew up. They have one daughter, Chloe, who is 7 years old.

Over the years, Courtney has been involved with the church. She has helped organize retreats for youth, events for youth, organized ladies’ prayer group, and helped with younger kids’ activities. She has taught children & ladies’ classes for many years.

Courtney recently spoke at the Ladies’ Day at Antioch church of Christ in Ramer, TN. The topic was “Fearless Women.”
She is also a travel agent with Keys to Dream Travel.

Phone: 6628911943

Email: mizvines (at)


Pam Walker

Pam Walker

Winchester church of Christ
Winchester, TN

A little bit about me…

After living in Nashville, Atlanta, Greenville, SC, and Hendersonville, TN, in September of 2016 we moved to Winchester, TN., where we had been ‘weekenders’ for about 8 years. We LOVE small-town life! We worship and work with the Winchester church of Christ.

I grew up in Nashville, and attended Lipscomb from kindergarten through college. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, decided I wanted to be a school librarian, and so I went on to get a Master’s degree in Library Science at Vanderbilt.
I’ve served as a librarian at the high school, middle school, and elementary school levels. In May 2015, I retired after 10 years as the elementary librarian at Goodpasture Christian School in Nashville.

In college, I met my husband Daniel, and last May we celebrated 32 years of marriage. We have been blessed with two children who have been the joy of our lives. Our daughter Kate is a nurse and is married to Josh Mason. They have an almost 2-year-old son, our grandson Silas. They live in Nashville and worship at the Crieve Hall congregation. Our son Burton is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, and finished his law degree in Alabama in May 2018. He lives in Huntsville, AL.

Our family loves to travel together, especially to Great Britain. We have enjoyed mission trips to Greece, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I love those parts of the world…but homemaking is my real passion. I am happier at home than anywhere else.
I am never ‘bored’ there! Besides reading, my interests include sewing, baking, genealogy, and history. I enjoy collecting tea things. When I retired from the library, I was bitten by the quilting bug…any spare moments I have will find me playing with fabric.

I love to spend time reading and studying–always learning new things. Multiple trips to the Bible Lands as a teen and young adult–plus a father who was a preacher and Bible teacher–fueled my love for deep Bible study that continues to this day.

–Pam (Connelly) Walker

Phone: 615 477 0999

Email: pwbooks (at)

Ernestine Combs

Ernestine Combs

Chesapeake Church of Christ
Chesapeake, Va

I’m a Mother of two faithful children; my youngest studying at VCU with a 4.0 GPA and my eldest a graduate of NSU currently serving in the CoastGuard in search & rescue.
I began my journey as a faithful Christian 7 years ago.
I’m on fire for the Lord and have assisted in many bible studies that turned the lost into conversions.
I’m dutifully involved in the Lord’s Kingdom with various works that include Evangelism, VBS, Women’s Day, Encouragement, and Sick & Shut-In.
I’m a previous restaurant owner and Business Woman.

Phone: 7579211206

Email: tcombs0205 (at)

Brittani Aiken

Brittani Aiken

Looxahoma Church of Christ
Senatobia, MS

My name is Brittani Aiken. I’m 28 years old and have been married to Will Aiken for going on 5 years. I graduated from Freed-Hardeman University in 2012 with a BA in English and will graduate from Delta State University in December 2018 with a Master’s in Business Administration. I am actively involved with the youth at Looxahoma Church of Christ. My favorite activity is hanging out and encouraging the youth because they are the future. My goal is to lay that spiritual foundation with them at a young age so that they grow up to be leaders in the church.

Phone: 6622921799

Email: brittaniburroughs (at)

Delores Nelson

Delores Nelson

Goshen Church of Christ
Middlebury IN

Delores Nelson is from Middlebury, Indiana. She married her high school sweetheart in 1970 and together with God’s help, they have raised four children who are all faithful members of the Lord’s church.

Delores suffered years of severe depression, and after learning to overcome it, knew that God wanted her to do what she could to be an encouragement to other Christian sisters who struggle with like issues, often in shame and silence. Assuring others that there is life after gloom, she is also a firm believer in finding something to laugh about as often as possible. Delores did stand up comedy for about ten years.

She has spoken at seminars, retreats, and Ladies Days for nearly 30 years in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arizona.

Her dearest joy in life is helping others find fulfillment through Jesus Christ.

Phone: (574) 849-2469

Email: bunnysuerabbit (at)

Kendra Dutton

Kendra Dutton

Barrackville Church of Christ
Fairmont, WV

Hello! My name is Kendra Dutton. My husband and I are active members of the Lord’s Church in a town in West Virginia. I have been involved with Ladies Days, youth events, VBS, and many more. I am a xray tech at a level 1 trauma center and doing “do it yourself” projects in my free time. I look forward to hear from you!

Phone: 740 400 1399

Email: radtech2295 (at)

Hope Estabrook

Hope Estabrook

Panama Street Church of Christ
Montgomery, AL

I am a wife of 15 years and a mother of four children which I have been homeschooling for the past 8 years. My husband Jim has worked with Apologetics Press since 1998. I was blessed to grow up in the Lord’s church. My dad, David Bass is a faithful gospel preacher for more than 40 years now. My Uncle preaches in Ohio and my grandfather, Herschel Bass preached all over the southern states for around 60 years. I have recently been given opportunities to speak at a ladies’ day and a ladies’ retreat. I have also taught multiple times at our local ladies class. I learn so much when preparing to teach, and feel that I can serve others in sharing what I learn. I enjoy speaking, teaching, and meeting new people.

Phone: 3343241815

Email: hrbe67 (at)

Samantha Burns

Samantha Burns

Central church of Christ
Augusta, GA

I grew up in the Lord’s church, however, my life has not always reflected that. I let other people’s actions dictate my life in a very self destructive way. If there was a wrong choice to be made, you can trust that I’ve probably made it. This made my journey to finding God really hard. If God loved me, why would He allow these things to happen? Then later, my question became: how could God forgive me of my choices when I couldn’t forgive myself or others? However, I think my story and experiences give me a greater empathy and understanding of the struggles we face as women. Our God is so good and loving and we are made in His image, so we need to love ourselves too. I am not a polished speaker, and I do not have all the knowledge or experience as a lot of ladies day speakers. I can offer encouragement and strength through hard times though, and a better understanding of the grace that God so freely gives.

I also lived in Tanzania, Africa for half a year and have continued to make trips there. I have spoken at a couple Ladies Days on mission work. (Once again, I’m not the most experienced, but better late then never!) I have a huge passion for sharing the gospel, in and out of our country. I love talking about how to reach the lost and the compassion we need to have when doing so. Sharing the gospel means more people will come to know our Savior and be saved, which means there will be more people in Heaven with us one day worshiping our God for eternity. What a beautiful day that will be.

Phone: 7069804832

Email: slaedwards3 (at)

Zandra Young

Zandra Young

Parkway Church of Christ
Savannah, GA

Originally from the small community of Nesmith, South Carolina, I was raised and baptized at Hemingway, South Carolina Church of Christ, a place where I attribute much of my foundation of faith, soul-stirring compassion, and very deep love for Christ, but give my mom most of the credit for instilling those qualities in me, and yet I didn’t know Him, I just knew about Him.
After leaving home, I found myself intently looking for the purpose and meaning of life and in myself. Whether that was in people or in relationships, I poured my whole heart into my search. I also became very consumed with what people thought of me and was living for the acceptance of the world.
At my lowest point, I felt like I was sinking, and I couldn’t breathe, when GOD reached out HIS hand to me and I took it. I acknowledged that He sent Jesus to die on the cross so that I can be saved from my sin and have eternal life. I decided to live for God instead of others and began defining my faith for myself and spent much time doing so.
Since becoming HIS daughter, God has shown me that I do not have to earn my salvation or His love. He has given me fulfillment and purpose and joy. I am not perfect, and I still mess up, but God loves me despite my faults and inadequacies….I found His grace! He continues to manifest Himself to me thru His Word and thru His Spirit.
Through all that, I became a wife and mother which has given me the greatest joys of my life and yet has taught me that God will never leave me or forsake me.
With that, I praise HIM as long as the Spirit gives me utterance to do so. I declare His goodness, mercy, love and his discipline. I teach His word so people will know Him and thru all this, I am truly fulfilled in doing so!