Lois Chisholm

Lois Chisholm

Stamps Church of Christ
Lewisville, Arkansas 71845

I’m a retired baker and restaurant owner and at 74 still love to cook and share recipes. My husband, retired Church of Christ minister of 64 years, and I live in Lewisville, Arkansas. During our 45 years together we have worked with congregations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. He retired last December from the Emerson coc after almost 26 years. In each place we worked, I taught music in public schools, as well as Bible classes and Church music. I write Christian novels with 4 in print. I’ve lead singing and spoken for ladies meetings. At this time, we try to furnish food to several families in need working with the Stamps coc. My hobby is definitely cooking but my passion is writing helpful novels and helping others.

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Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore

Woodland Place church of Christ
Ocala. Florida

Sister Melanie Moore grew up in the church where her dad was an Elder most of her live. She attends Woodland Place Church of Christ in Ocala, Florida since 2006 when she moved from Atlanta to Ocala to be near her brother so that she would have help with her Mom who had Alzheimer’s . She has taught bible classes for all ages. She starting as a co-teacher for the nursery when she was just 13 years of age. By the time she was 17 she was teaching the 1st and 2nd grade Wednesday night class at her home church of North Ave Church of Christ in Hapeville Georgia. She now teaches the Ladies Bible Class every Thursday night at 6 PM and all are welcome.

Melanie is in her late fifties and is single with no kids but numerous nieces and nephews where she is “Aunt Melanie” to them and all their friends. Melanie works for Cognizant as a Medicare Billing Specialist and works from home. Melanie also sells Premier Jewelry.

Melanie’s favorite scripture is Psalms 119: 133 “Direct my footsteps according to your word: Let no sin rule over me”

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Debbie Deavours

Debbie Deavours

Cleveland church of Christ
Bankston, AL

Debbie Deavours attends Cleveland church of Christ where her husband, Randy, is an elder and often fills in as preacher and teacher. Debbie has been a Christian and Bible school teacher for 40 years. She has completed the ‘Fishers of Men’ Bible course. She enjoys speaking publicly and writing encouraging posts.
Debbie is a retired public school principal. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Instructional Leadership and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Debbie also serves as a Lead Evaluator for Advanc-ED Accreditation for schools and districts.

Phone: 205-932-0176

Email: ddeavours6643@gmail.com

Rachel Robertson



Rachel A. Robertson is simply a woman of God who loves to enthusiastically share God’s word with her sisters in Christ. Her passion for exegetical study with real-life applications has led her to speak at numerous women’s conferences across the country over the last 20 years. Rachel is blessed to be married to an even more avid Bible student and servant of God, Milton Robertson. She teaches women’s Bible classes and has worked as a women’s ministry coordinator in women’s ministries for decades.

Professionally, Rachel has worked as a leader in acute care hospitals managing social work and case management departments. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, American Case Management Association and has served on the Savannah State Social Work Advisory Board. When speaking, Rachel always encourages women that whatever you’re going through, God knows, He sees, and He cares.

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Email: rachelrobertson54@gmail.com

LaShawn White

Lashawn White

Lawtey Church of Christ
Lawtey, Florida

33-year old that has been raised up in the church and blessed to have my father as my minister. I am currently a single mother of an awesome 12-year-old daughter who is absolutely amazing!! know what’s it like to be married, divorced, and single and could tell you about my different experiences throughout my life that could encourage and help others hold on. Life is full of ups and downs, but God always provides!!!

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Vonda Frazier

Vonda Frazier

Northside Church of Christ
Lake City, FL

Vonda Frazier

Vonda Frazier is a Christian woman who is also a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant who received her certification from (AFPA) American Fitness Professionals & Associates. She is also a certified Personal Trainer with (ACE) American Council on Exercise and a practicing herbalist since 2004 as well as an avid permaculture gardener.

She has also achieved a B.S. in Computer Networking from Strayer University in 2000.

Vonda focuses on general wellness, health maintenance, recovery and fitness.

Vonda’s Story

In 2004, Vonda was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue.

With the majority of her organs under attack, she was forced to take over 15 prescription drugs daily to keep her going throughout the day. Six years had passed and she gained 100 lbs from the medication and she was getting worse. So she took it upon herself to learn more about her illness and how she could reverse it.

By praying, studying, listening to other medical professionals who convinced her she could reverse her illness, she began practicing herbal medicine, exploring supplements, discovering the power of organic whole foods and staying as fit as she could. With all of this she was able to reverse her illness.

Two years later, she went from walking with a cane from pain and exhaustion, to running her first 5k race for cancer in 40 minutes back in 2012.

This experience has fueled the passion she holds today. Her passion is to continue learning and sharing with others how to obtain and maintain good health and how to stay healthy.

Just like in Daniel 1:12-16, Vonda believes that plant based diets are one of the keys to a healthier you.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Stay Healthy

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Email: fraziervonda@hotmail.com

Website: https://fraziervonda.wixsite.com/website

Lisa Menke

Lisa Menke

Beatrice church of Christ
DeWitt, NE

As women we face a laundry list of challenges. It seems that potentially life-altering decisions face us at every turn from the moment we hit adolescence. Sometimes we get it right; we hold our heads high and share our victories so everyone can cheer along with us. Sometimes we completely blow it and can barely raise our own heads from disappointment and shame.
It’s the times we don’t get it quite right that have the potential to destroy us from the inside out. That’s not what God intended for us, ladies. Not at all.
I’m not your average Christian women’s speaker. I hesitate to even call myself a speaker – I’m more of a sharer. I want to share with you the amazing grace that I have seen in my own life and the lessons that I have learned about the joy and peace of having a relationship with Christ. I enjoy connecting my everyday life with what I read in the Bible.
I live in a very small town in Nebraska with my husband, my fifteen year old son, and three spoiled dogs. I work full time as a training and development professional for the State of Nebraska.
You can check out my blog that has several posts focusing specifically on overcoming anxiety at quiverneverquit.blogspot.com

Phone: 402-366-0537

Email: quiverneverquit@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/lisamenkespeaks

Tangie T. Woods

Tangie T. Woods

Gainesville Church of Christ
Gainesville FL

Tangie T. Woods was born and raised in Montgomery, AL, and was baptized into Christ at Holt Street Church of Christ.

She graduated from Jeff Davis High School and from Trenholm State Technical College with two Associate Degrees.

She later continued her education at Troy University in Montgomery and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Management).

Tangie has been employed with the United States Government since 1987.

Tangie believes in a unified sisterhood and having get-to-know each other events. Some of her initiatives are Women’s Monthly Bible Study and Women’s Monthly Fellowship Dinner; these events are held in various cities.

She loves working with younger sisters and started events to allow them to use their spiritual gifts for the glory of God. Hence, quarterly Real Talk events featuring younger sisters were formed. Tangie also enjoys speaking at Ladies Day events.

Another initiative in progress is to build a support network for wives of elders, deacons, and ministers.

Finally, she formed tSET (the Sisters Evangelizing Team) to focus on getting out of church buildings and getting the Word of God into communities.

She is married to her wonderful God-fearing husband Felton D. Woods, Minister of the Gainesville Church of Christ. She and Felton have three adult children Ashley, Audriana and William, and a two-year-old granddaughter Charlayne.

Her favorite scripture is I Corinthians 10:31, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Phone: (334) 467-4755

Email: tangietwoods06 (@) gmail.com

Website: https://tangietwoods06.wixsite.com/christian


Rachel Holland

Rachel Holland

Swartz Creek church of Christ
Swartz Creek, Michigan

Since becoming a Christian at age 10, I have had a desire to serve God. My only real talent (art) has been buried for many years, but now I realize how I should be using it for the Lord- teaching women to use their talents, too, by using mine. We teach by example, this the ideas was sparked to coordinate lessons around biblical themes, which highlight artists who have found their creative spirit through artwork. God is the greatest artist of all! We can learn to appreciate His beauty further when we try to create our own art, often by looking at His.

Phone: 859-707-6081

Email: prsrtst (@) yahoo.com

Website: https://rachelhollandart.wordpress.com

Terrie Noland

Terrie Noland

Oldham Lane church of Christ
Tuscola, Texas

Some of Terrie’s greatest accomplishments were realized because of her commitment as the proud wife of a soldier- USAF, retired. With over 12 years as a married single mother, because of deployments, her perseverance in adversity has been the thrust behind her confident character.

Professionally, Terrie serves as the Vice-President of Educator Initiatives at Learning Ally, a national non-profit organization, where she works with educators around the country to support struggling readers and students with dyslexia. She has over 25 years of experience as a motivational leader and has the opportunity to lead and facilitate groups numbering in the thousands helping to build a better understanding of supporting the needs of those that are differently abled.

Terrie lives each day to carry out her personal mission statement to inspire others: James 3: 5 “……see how great a forest a little fire kindles.” She works to be the spark that ignites a flame in others whether it be in education or in spreading the good message.

Terrie has spoken at many Ladies Day events and teaches ladies Bible class on a regular basis. A current theme and message that she is preparing and speaking on is Broken But Blessed and how to be your most beautiful broken Christ-centered self.

Some fun facts: Terrie is a farm girl at heart, loves the smell of a sweaty horse, and wakes up at 5:07 every weekday to kick start the day with Bible study and exercise. Terrie is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Literacy.

Phone: 325-260-3911

Email: terrienoland@yahoo.com