Wendy Booker

Wendy Booker

Hoomesville Church of Christ
Jay, Florida

My husband has become the Hoomesville Church of Christ minister, a dream I’ve had since the day he became a Christian. I was raised in the Church in Jay, FL then after moving to Brewton, AL I attended the Brewton congregation. We ended up leaving Brewton Century Church of Christ became my home congregation. I’m 52 yrs old and always wanted to be a speaker of God’s word. I never knew what or who to contact to hopefully begin.

Phone: 850-686-612
Email: wendybooker64@gmail.com



Johnnie Coley

Johnnie ColeyJohnnie Coley

Orange Avenue Church of Christ
Eustis, FL

Johnnie Coley, MS is a devoted Christian who grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida. She believes that her years spent in Christ are the best years of life. She maintains passion about this great God she has come to know and she refers to God as the love of her life. Johnnie loves to share God’s Word with others and she is eager to help bring about encouragement, focus and maturity as we all walk with the Lord.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida A&M University and a master’s degree in Human Services Management from Nova University. Johnnie is the author of three books entitled “New Birth in Christ”, “The Truth about You: The Resurrection of the Sinful Nature”, and “Parenting with Power”. She also co-authored a children’s book entitled “Yes Dear, There Really is a Devil”.

Johnnie has also recorded a CD featuring music she has written to encourage others and be used as a vehicle to encourage and share the goodness of God. Her music has also been used very effectively in conjunction with the Christian Parenting Workshop that she created. She has conducted this workshop at several children’s homes around the country. She has also spoken at the National Christian Child and Family Services Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando.

As a Social Worker at the Mound Dora Children’s Home, Johnnie works with the children in the home program as well as directing the single parent program. She also teaches the Ladies Bible Study Class at Orange Avenue Church of Christ and has spoken at ladies’ days, ladies’ retreats, and singles’ retreats. Her greatest ambition in life is to reach her appointed and purchased place of inheritance, in Heaven and to be forever with God who loves her the most.

Phone: 3866797039
Email: johnnie.coley@mdchome.org

Website: http://johnniecoley.com

Brittany Hall

Brittany HallBrittany Hall

Miami Gardens church of Christ
Miami, Florida
My name is Brittany Hall. I am a recent college graduate of the University of Central Florida. I have done public speaking for a few years with the Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes program and in different ways in college. In September I did a presentation for my home congregation in the Ladies day program, my subject was Vanity…


Phone: 305 623-0800
Email: bbrittanyhialeah@aol.com

Deborah Flagg

Deborah-Kay FlaggDeborah Flagg

Northwest Tampa Church of Christ
Tampa, Florida

When you least expect it, Satan will seize your joy. Discontent, discouragement, disappointment, despair are the tools he uses to steal your soul. As a preacher’s kid, wife of a deacon, divorcee, single mother and sufferer of acute rheumatoid arthritis, and mostly forgiven sinner, my mission in life is to inform, educate and train women in the fight against Satan. Fighting the unseen is not only the responsibility of men. It is time for us ladies to recognize his schemes, and be intentional about preparing ourselves, our families and our children to be victorious in this fight against Spiritual forces.

Phone: 8133916612
Email: Africanskyblue@aol.com
Website: http://africanskyblue01.wordpress.com

Videos available at:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dGtbpdGAxs

channel name is Deborah-Kay Flagg

The video is called Spiritual Warfare – fighting the unseen.

Jana Barr Rucker

Jana Barr Rucker, FLJana (Barr) Rucker

Rockledge church of Christ
Satellite Beach, FL

Email:  jana.rucker@gmail.com
Phone:  925.895.4919

Jana lives in Satellite Beach, FL. She is a native of Oklahoma and a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University, where she met her husband Barry. They have been married for 24 years. Jana and Barry are members of the Rockledge church of Christ, where Barry serves as one of the shepherds. Jana is a frequent ladies’ Bible class teacher, speaker and coordinator of many church activities, including supporting Barry’s work as overseer of the youth ministry. She is a frequent speaker for women’s sessions at events around the area, including Live Saved, CFBC Mother-Daughter Retreat, youth rallies, and at Central Florida Bible Camp where she assists Barry in directing Rucker Week. Jana’s other job is working as Director of Marketing for Willis-North America. Her 25 year career also includes leadership roles for companies such as AT&T and Sprint. Jana and Barry have two sons, Jamie, 22 and John, 19. 


Summer Bowling

Summer Bowling
Caverns Road Church of Christ
Marianna, FL
My number is 423-421-0204
I am married to Tom Bowling who preaches at the Caverns Road congregation in Marianna, Florida. We both grew up in Cleveland, TN and attended the East Side congregation. I’ve had the opportunity to support him in both youth ministry and pulpit ministry.
I have 2 boys who are now 14 & 12. Do you need anything else to know how exciting my life it right now?
While attending the East Tennessee School of Preaching (that was the name while were there-I’ll never get use to the new one), I had the opportunity to participate in speaking at a ladies day with 3 other student wives at the Karns congregation. I’m certainly thankful to be allowed that chance. While I will definitely not be your most experienced option for your ladies day, I will enjoy the preparation and study.
Planning and attending ladies days is one of my favorite things to do. Let me know if I can help with yours in any way.

Summer Bowling

Sabrina Williams

Sabrina Williams, CPC, ELI-MP
I attend the NW Church of Christ in Tampa, FL
Phone: 863-273-0111
“Sabrina Williams, CPC, ELI-MP is an Innovative Designer and Speaker for Ladies’ Days, Annual Conferences, and Retreats, an Implementation Specialist ,and a Life Coach for Christian women dealing with the everyday issues of life. Sabrina and her husband call Tampa, FL home and are having a great time raising 2 little girls. She loves to travel, is always looking for adventure, and is a self diagnosed self-help junkie.
She is very involved in the planning and execution of each event she speaks at and focuses on creating events that will leave a lasting impression with attendees. When attendees leave her events, they walk away inspired with practical information they can use right away in everyday life. No woo woo, motivational fluff that you forget tomorrow here!
She is flexible and creates custom topics to align with your congregation’s desired outcome and/or theme of the event.”
Thank you!! Sabrina Williams, CPC, ELI-MP