Rachel Robertson



Rachel A. Robertson is simply a woman of God who loves to enthusiastically share God’s word with her sisters in Christ. Her passion for exegetical study with real-life applications has led her to speak at numerous women’s conferences across the country over the last 20 years. Rachel is blessed to be married to an even more avid Bible student and servant of God, Milton Robertson. She teaches women’s Bible classes and has worked as a women’s ministry coordinator in women’s ministries for decades.

Professionally, Rachel has worked as a leader in acute care hospitals managing social work and case management departments. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, American Case Management Association and has served on the Savannah State Social Work Advisory Board. When speaking, Rachel always encourages women that whatever you’re going through, God knows, He sees, and He cares.

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Email: rachelrobertson54@gmail.com


Samantha Burns

Samantha Burns

Central church of Christ
Augusta, GA

I grew up in the Lord’s church, however, my life has not always reflected that. I let other people’s actions dictate my life in a very self destructive way. If there was a wrong choice to be made, you can trust that I’ve probably made it. This made my journey to finding God really hard. If God loved me, why would He allow these things to happen? Then later, my question became: how could God forgive me of my choices when I couldn’t forgive myself or others? However, I think my story and experiences give me a greater empathy and understanding of the struggles we face as women. Our God is so good and loving and we are made in His image, so we need to love ourselves too. I am not a polished speaker, and I do not have all the knowledge or experience as a lot of ladies day speakers. I can offer encouragement and strength through hard times though, and a better understanding of the grace that God so freely gives.

I also lived in Tanzania, Africa for half a year and have continued to make trips there. I have spoken at a couple Ladies Days on mission work. (Once again, I’m not the most experienced, but better late then never!) I have a huge passion for sharing the gospel, in and out of our country. I love talking about how to reach the lost and the compassion we need to have when doing so. Sharing the gospel means more people will come to know our Savior and be saved, which means there will be more people in Heaven with us one day worshiping our God for eternity. What a beautiful day that will be.

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Zandra Young

Zandra Young

Parkway Church of Christ
Savannah, GA

Originally from the small community of Nesmith, South Carolina, I was raised and baptized at Hemingway, South Carolina Church of Christ, a place where I attribute much of my foundation of faith, soul-stirring compassion, and very deep love for Christ, but give my mom most of the credit for instilling those qualities in me, and yet I didn’t know Him, I just knew about Him.
After leaving home, I found myself intently looking for the purpose and meaning of life and in myself. Whether that was in people or in relationships, I poured my whole heart into my search. I also became very consumed with what people thought of me and was living for the acceptance of the world.
At my lowest point, I felt like I was sinking, and I couldn’t breathe, when GOD reached out HIS hand to me and I took it. I acknowledged that He sent Jesus to die on the cross so that I can be saved from my sin and have eternal life. I decided to live for God instead of others and began defining my faith for myself and spent much time doing so.
Since becoming HIS daughter, God has shown me that I do not have to earn my salvation or His love. He has given me fulfillment and purpose and joy. I am not perfect, and I still mess up, but God loves me despite my faults and inadequacies….I found His grace! He continues to manifest Himself to me thru His Word and thru His Spirit.
Through all that, I became a wife and mother which has given me the greatest joys of my life and yet has taught me that God will never leave me or forsake me.
With that, I praise HIM as long as the Spirit gives me utterance to do so. I declare His goodness, mercy, love and his discipline. I teach His word so people will know Him and thru all this, I am truly fulfilled in doing so!

Website: fixedfight.net

Email: zandra.young@fixedfight.net

Linda Bradshaw

Linda Bradshaw

Graceview Church of Christ
Stone Mountain, GA

I have been a member of the Church of Christ for over fifty years. I was raised in the Lord’s Church in West Tennessee. I am married to a gospel minister who is the minister for Graceview Church of Christ in Stone Mountain, GA. We have two sons who are both active members of the church, four grandchildren, and one great grand. I currently teach the Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Class at Simpson Street Church of Christ. I am the Women’s Ministry Coordinator for the Women of the Graceview Church of Christ. I have spoken at a number of Ladies Days, taught Sunday school and have served on Educational Committee for the Lord’s Church. I had the privilege of speaking on the Freed Hardeman Lectureship women’s class. I enjoy serving the Lord and especially enjoy speaking, teaching and encouraging women in the work of the Lord.

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Email: bradshawlc (at) gmail.com

Emily Enoch

Emily Enoch

Atlanta Road Church of Christ
Gainesville, Georgia


Emily Enoch is a Christian, wife, and mother of five. She was born in Alabama, but has moved around with her family; spending her formative years in Guam, Michigan, and New York. Eventually she returned to the sunny south and has settled in the northeast Georgia mountains, where she currently resides. Since then she has worn many different ‘mom hats”: foster mom, biological mom, adoptive mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, homeschooling mom. Presently, she is “retired” from nursing and spends her time raising and schooling the kiddos. She published her first 2 books in 2017: one a foster parent devotional and the other a book for prospective foster parents. She is a bona fide homebody who loves to travel, a voracious reader on a literature diet, and an introvert who desires to be a friend to all. Connect with her at http://www.emilyenoch.com.


Email: emilyaenoch@gmail.com

Website: http://emilyenoch.com

Renee Cash

Renee Cash

West Metro Church of Christ
Villa Rica, Georgia

I am 44 years old, married with 2 children and 1 grandchild. I have been evolved in church since I was born! I am very passionate about working with teens and ladies to make sure they know their own self worth. So many have low self esteem and through my struggles that I love to share with others I try to bring hope to everyone that through Christ all things are possible. Most of my speaking involves empowering, motivating, learning to love yourself just the way God made you! I also try to help everyone find the gift that God gave each one of them.

Phone: 770 846 9259
Email: reneecash72@gmail.com

Heather Scarborough

Heather Scarborough

Central Church of Christ-Smyrna
Powder Springs, GA

My name is Heather Scarborough. My husband is the preacher at Central Church of Christ in Smyrna, GA. I have two girls, 12 and 9. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Faulkner University and a Master’s from Georgia State. I have been teaching 22 years. I love to teach Bible class and I help coordinate our Ladies’ Ministry. I love to speak on Women’s Role in the church, raising children, how to be a Godly wife and anything else the Lord puts in front me. Love to study and discuss the Word with other Christians.

Phone: 770-359-8754
Email: heather.scarborough@westcobbchristian.org

Sarah J. Keyton

Sarah J. KeytonSarah Keyton

Bouldercrest Church of Christ
Mableton, GA

I am the wife of one of God’s greatest and passionate soldiers, Edward L. Keyton, Senior Evangelist at the Church of Christ at Bouldercrest in Atlanta, GA and daughter of Church of Christ Evangelist Elijah (Annie) Johnson.  I am the mother of two wonderful adult children and two precious granddaughters.  I was born again at the age of sixteen in Douglas, GA.

I am blessed to have matriculated from Savannah State University with a BS degree in mathematics, Georgia State University with a M. Ed degree in Mathematics, Atlanta Area Technical School; Real Estate Certification, Kennesaw State University, Teacher Support Specialist Certification, Georgia Perimeter College, Cisco Networking Certification, Gwinnett County Schools, Virtual School Instructor and Doctorate of Education from Argosy University..

During my tenure as an educator, God blessed me to be honored with several awards and recognitions; teacher of the year, star teacher, mathematics teacher of excellence for the 5th district, Atlanta Journal Teacher Honor Roll, Disney teacher nominee, and a chair placed in the library of Tri Cities High School for years of service and teaching hundreds of wonderful students.

I am a retired educator from Fulton County Schools in Atlanta, GA.  My life as a retiree is full of many blessings, activities and involvements.  Those involvements include, Sunday School Teacher, Ladies Bible Class Teacher, Speaker for Ladies’ Day programs, seminars, retreats, conferences and lectureships, Bible school curriculum developer, mentor and other special Christian projects.  I am an active life member of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

My favorite scriptures are Isaiah 26:3, Hosea 4:6 and Psalm 23:1.


Brittany Davis

Brittany DavisBrittany Davis

Avondale Church of Christ
Atlanta, GA

Email: hello@virtuousmagazine.com
Website: http://www.virtuousmagazine.com
Bio: Brittany Davis is the Founder of Virtuous Magazine and author of “Style Your Soul: Get Dressed From The Inside Out.” She’s married to her beloved husband, Willie and new mom to Landon.

As the eldest preacher daughter, Brittany was always taught to leave things better than she found them and that teaching has become her purpose in life.

Through her work she strives to leave the world a more Christ centered, loving and service oriented place.

Brittany studied journalism and marketing and received her B.A. from Georgia State University. Connect with her online at www.virtuousmagazine.com.