Kathleen Fike

Kathleen Fike

Whitehall Montana church of Christ
Whitehall Montana

Kathleen Fike is married to a Saint (David) for 22 years. She has been a proud member of His church since October 1985. Being a student in the school of hard knocks, Kathleen has found with her life experiences she can help and encourage women from teens to young at heart. Kathleen has spoken in crowds, m.ced and sang with her husband in many differs events. Volunteered in a jail ministry for women. In the direction the world seems to be going, her hearts desire is to help and encourage. Kathleen has a bubbling, and magnetic personality. Most importantly she is in love with our God, our Savior and our helper, the Holy Spirit.

Email: KAFike (at) protonmail.com

Phone (406) 539-8370