Deborah Flagg

Deborah-Kay FlaggDeborah Flagg

Northwest Tampa Church of Christ
Tampa, Florida

When you least expect it, Satan will seize your joy. Discontent, discouragement, disappointment, despair are the tools he uses to steal your soul. As a preacher’s kid, wife of a deacon, divorcee, single mother and sufferer of acute rheumatoid arthritis, and mostly forgiven sinner, my mission in life is to inform, educate and train women in the fight against Satan. Fighting the unseen is not only the responsibility of men. It is time for us ladies to recognize his schemes, and be intentional about preparing ourselves, our families and our children to be victorious in this fight against Spiritual forces.

Phone: 8133916612

Videos available at:

channel name is Deborah-Kay Flagg

The video is called Spiritual Warfare – fighting the unseen.


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